As the saying goes, if you are not on the web you are out of the radar of your target audience. The web and the internet has a great history and it has already changed the game for the past 20+ years. It will continue to be a force and a game changer as well. But in order to gain the advantage and stay ahead in the competition the industry needs a champion of the web. Standout attempts to help companies explore this unlimited world by constantly innovating and staying current in this technology space.

Be it mobile solutions OR the traditional web solutions we offer you a host of services that can be leveraged after aligning it with your business needs. It could just be a simple text site to a complex portal that talks with a host of applications behind the scenes and computes or offers reports on a variety of data which caters to a large set of diverse users placed on your organizational pyramid. It could be a client facing website which is dynamic and catering to thousands or millions of users and/or a site restricted to a set of users who are supposed to get a snap-shot of the activity or usage of a particular feature or product. We have experience and the strength to develop, host and support such portals and that is the reason we are known to be a one-stop vendor in this space.