In today’s age where the technology and solutions space see a host of applications, platforms and devices the importance of quality assurance and detection of issues at an early stage is very much vital in getting to an error free solution which addresses the problem it was developed for and that too at minimal cost.

Any bug or error that goes undetected at an early stage can cost organizations a million bucks and can be so disastrous that it can erase the very existence of such companies from their operational space. Keeping this in the background we at Standout have invested heavily in the QA space and have developed a team of dedicated and passionate QA Engineers who test and assure that all products and services that we offer cater to the highest quality and are without errors or bugs.

We do a wide variety of tests ranging from the basic unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, user acceptance testing (which is done on demand against approved unit test cases and use cases), regression testing, stress testing, penetration testing, security testing, multi-platform, multi-device and multi-browser testing to name a few.

Our QA team works very closely with our developer community, architects, requirement analysis and business analyst team and finally works as an extension of our end user community. The QA team thus puts on different thinking caps during the course of conducting QA on any product and makes sure the interests of the end user community is kept sacrosanct when the product hits the live environment.

At the developer level the QA team is the one which helps in diagnosis of the problem whereas from the end user perspective the QA team is the guardian and custodian of ease of user experience and making things simple and clear for the user community. These 2 opposing yet fundamental principles are kept alive by the QA team’s tight vigil on the product and services we offer.

Key Tools & Methodologies Used: