Standout has expertise on data migration specifically from legacy to state-of-the-art storage systems. Our experience with migrating data of huge volume across systems has exposed us to the challenges that are usually associated with this process. Accuracy and seamless integration are 2 non-negotiable results that client’s expect after data migration and this is precisely our strength.

The migrated data is subjected to tests in comparison with the source data and compliance to every validation point is ensured. If API’s (services) from the new system are available we do run the migrated data against these APIs to ensure that the migrated data confirms to gel well with the new system.

Data like different geographical addresses, huge transactional data across differing business domains are some of the various types of data that we have handled in the past. Such data is often provided for migration when the new system is close to going live and therefore time is of utmost importance in getting the data available on the new system.