For the last several years the industry and solution seekers in particular have spent a lot of time and money on leveraging the cloud to gain competitive advantage in business. We at Standout are well equipped to play a facilitator role and guide our clients in exploiting the advantage of going to the cloud.

We offer consultancy services in terms of recommending which type of service or platform on the cloud would best suite our clients as well as play the role of a service and solution provider by building solutions and applications that can best work on the cloud.

A quick list of the advantage that the cloud can provide is summarized below:

  • Quick turn-around time to solutions
  • Adaptability to any change in the technology platform
  • Lesser Cost of Ownership – Pay-as-per usage mode
  • Hassle Free Business Continuity
  • Ease of adherence to compliance as well as ease of undergoing audits
  • Businesses are made more scalable and less rigid to processes

Having listed the advantages of going to the cloud, there are several pain areas that corporations face when thinking about the cloud. Issues relating to migrating the existing systems to the cloud tops the list and some of them are:

  • Integration with existing Processes and Applications
  • Data Exchange Issues
  • Security Threats and
  • System Down Time

Standout does an in-depth system study to understand the impact of each of these and then comes up with a risk mitigation plan such that migration to the cloud is a breeze.

Standout offers cloud services across 3 different levels and which level of service would suit a specific scenario depends on what level of cloud competence the company has at any given moment.

Our Cloud Services can be bracketed under:

Cloud Consultancy & Recommendation

  • In-depth System Study
  • Inter-Operability of Systems
  • Data Exchange
  • Downtime Impact
  • Readiness to Migrate
  • Document Plan & Sign Off

Cloud Consultancy & Recommendation involves a deep system study of the client with specific emphasis on the current processes, inter-operability between systems, data exchange, down time impact , readiness of the current system to migrate to the cloud and of course the cost analysis of moving to the cloud. Once this initial phase is done, the next phase would be to present the actual plan of moving to the cloud, the road-map of the process and how the migration would pan out would be documented.

Actual Cloud Migration & Partner in Moving to Cloud
  • IT Assets Migrated to Cloud
  • Remove/Modify/Re-design Systems
  • Zero/Very Less Business Impact
  • QA, UAT Sign Off

Based on the road map provided in the first phase, the actual migration happens where all IT assets are transformed to the cloud. This is the phase which actually impacts the IT process and Standout ensures that all this is done with very little impact to the business during migration. All processes that need to be removed to suit the cloud architecture would be done so during this phase. This would also mean that certain areas within the system would be re-factored, developed or re-designed as necessary.

Technology Support & Maintenance on Cloud
  • Well Defined SLAs
  • Quick Support
  • Zero/Very Less Business Impact
  • Infrastructure Scalability is scoped
  • Continuous Improvement

As with any other support and maintenance activity, Cloud also requires the same. We are well equipped to service any scenario that needs the support and maintenance activity when corporations operate from the Cloud. Based on prescribed SLAs we come with a process and document the same wherein issues get addressed at the earliest with close to zero impact to business.